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Powerboat of the year nomination 2021

Stealth Design

With the unique fender profile and faceted surfaces, inspired by modern naval ships and aircrafts, IRON was given its own character. Even when docked, IRON powerboats remains their presence.


A World Class Hull

By Ironbrothers in collaboration with Mannerfelt Design Team, which is one of the most respected design studios in the global marine industry, with more than one hundred realized motor boat projects, a dozen design awards and 25 world championships in powerboat racing. Today they are recognized worldwide for great design, fuel efficient hulls and innovative solutions.


Great Seaworthiness

The racing experiences, of Mannerfelt Design Team, makes the IRON motor boats hull smooth running with predictable handling characteristics for a safe and enjoyable life at sea.

The Iron Fender

The fender profile with air channels dampen movements, resonance sound and lowers the center of gravity. This contributes to a smooth and silent running hull with great seaworthiness. Last but not least, it makes mooring less stressful.

High Functionality

The high bow keeps the boat dry in rough water conditions and the low hull side decreases weight, giving it good balance while running. The center console provides perfect weight distribution and good mobility in the IRON Boats.

Large storage compartments in the bow, stern and center console in combination with a waterski pole and easily accessible swim platforms make IRON motorboating easy and enjoyable.


Lean Production

When other motor boat brands often use 20-40 parts for each model, IRON powerboats have 9 modules in common. Therefore, the IRON Boats are produced cost effectivly with high quality and stands the comparison, with far more expensive performance boats.


Historien bag IRON Boats

IRON Boats er udviklet af entusiasterne Lars og Henrik Peterson, the IRONBROTHERS, som tilsammen har mange års solid erfaring med motorbåde. De har sejlet alle slags både under alle slags forhold i den smukke, men ofte barske skærgård i det vestlige Sverige. Derfor ved de, hvad der fungerer til søs og i værkstedet. Sammen gjorde de IRONBROTHERS til verdens største detailhandler af RIB-både og til en af Evinrudes største forhandlere. Nu har de samlet alle deres oplevelser og erfaring i IRON Boats for at give dig futuristisk design, høj funktionalitet og unikke sejlegenskaber.